I'm a happy camper :)

So, today is my day off and apart from all the cleaning i took some time off to reflect back at my life. When i was in school there used to be this guy who was making some huuuge mandazis we used to call them “kîmùgoma”. Unakula moja, unateremsha na maji…and get ready for an afternoon nap…i rarely got anything from those afternoon classes. Anyway, i never got to ask him for a recipe but here is how i have made mine today.

[li]1 egg, beaten[/li][li]2 Tbsp. butter, melted[/li][li]2 cups white flour[/li][li]2 tsp. baking powder[/li][li]1/2 cup sugar[/li][li]1/2 cup milk[/li][li]Dessicated coconut(Optional)[/li][/ul]
[li]Mix all the ingredients together, adding more flour if necessary. --The dough should be soft, but not sticky.[/li][li]Leave the dough covered for one hour or so.[/li][li]Roll the dough on a lightly floured board until it is about 1/4 inch thick.[/li][li]Cut into any size u want…[/li][li]Fry in hot oil till golden brown and remove.[/li][/ol]
Notes: Experiment with different spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamon. etc

This is one of the day when i lock my door, wear a maternity dress, put a tea thermos and my mandazis next to me on the couch, grab my TV remote and not worry about my waist.

Chai? …check

Mandazis? check…[ATTACH=full]6608[/ATTACH]





Exactly how i feel at this moment.:smiley:

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@Unicorn be like…


the wife material in you inashona bibi watatu


Wewe ni IDS, mimi ni IMS. M being mandazi. Napenda mandazi sana.

Were you Cuisinier in klist?

Also, mbisha ya waistline.

Cosign. Inatengeneza pia karai ya mandazi.

I am curious, you have anything under that maternity dress :wink:

Delicious looking stuff

@Unicorn utamaliza hizo zote? Come to think of it women eat alot of food compared to men, they eat kidogo kidogo but when yu take the grand total its 3times what a man eats in one sitting. Sometimes back i attended a house party and kesho morning there were two quails who panguzad a whole 400g bread three eggs almost a half tin of margarine na a whole flask of hot water with several sachets of coffee in one sitting…

me and the host just went to the nearest kibanda for breakfast

And to answer yu @black templer when a woman dresses like that be sure hakuna kitu underneath

Hahaha, vile nimechangamkia hiyo mandazi. Nikiendelea kula hivi sitapata mtu wa kunigeuza. I’ll even be too big for Uwesmake.

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Kuja u sample… We’ll experiment with lots of spices too. LOL

Hahaha, yeah nitamaliza. Just a few left now. Today is one of those days I don’t care about calories.

Yani kwa hizo vitu zote umefikiria mambo ya underneath the maternity dress :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Unicorn hadi ni ka hisi njaa :):slight_smile:

Na vile nimeshiba;)hadi respiration rate yangu ime change.

Jibu swali ya jaro soja

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@imei2012 ameshamjibu;)

1/2 cup of sugar sounds excessive even for a sugar-lover like me

It’s not too much for 2 cups flour but one can always reduce the amount of sugar to their liking.