I'll tell you why life is meaningless, imho.

First off, I don’t believe in an afterlife, therefore to me, death is just a “realm of nothingness”. To “meet one’s fate” is simply “to die”, implying that is our fate to die; in other words, our fate is nothingness. The word “Fatal” means “causing death” and its origin is from the word “fate”. Thus I conclude that if our fate is death and death is eternal oblivion, then life itself has no meaning.
Why am I telling you this?
Simply because I can.

Sasa utajinyonga?

uyu anataka kujiua…

The very fact that you are breathing in and out, working, eating, to sustain that “meaningless” life and even discussing it reads some meaning to it.

Apparently Nihilism is a sign of being suicidal.

I do all that because I can and because I want to.

Come on there is more to life ! Unless you are selfish

So, how would you have wanted life to be meaningful, now that it’s meaningless. Vitu zingine mnaongeanga hata mwenda wazimu hawezi imagine

I am as selfish with my life as you are with yours.

I am not looking for meaning… It was just an existential thought…

That selfishness gives your life meaning

What I meant is that you choose to continue doing that whereas you also have the ability to choose not to and end it. But you will not end it because deep down you know you were meant to live and accomplish things and not just to live then die. Death is unfortunate. Inherited from disobedient Adam. But do not despair, the creator is fixing this and in future obedient mankind (you can be among them) will live forever and nobody will ever have to feel like you are feeling today about life.

At the end of your post you say

then life itself has no meaning.
And now ‘it was just an existential thought…’?

Bangi isiwe huru

I don’t follow… My entire post is an existential thought, which means I am thinking about matters to relating to my existence, and while doing so, I concluded that my life has no meaning. Though it is my fault for writing “was” instead of “is”.

Can you give you life to Jesus ?

Thank you for the kind words but I do things solely because I can or because I want to; not because I value doing it.

My reply was supposed to mean that I am just as normal as you are, except that I don’t see any meaning in life.

you are a confused being… Claiming that life has no meaning makes you a nihilist alone. Don’t claim to have existential thoughts. Existentialism involves finding meaning in one’s life where it once didn’t exist.

Life can be summarized in one line

“its a long journey through time in search of that”

now “that” is relative and many people never get to find it thus resulting to exo-explanations and quantifications and that’s how we end up with so many grumpy pessimists

First I’d like to correct you, existensialism involves “acknowledging that our actions determine who we are, and not the other way around”… And I concluded that life has no meaning after having existential thoughts.