ilibidi aite baba

Maina Wanjigi, Jimmy’s dad arriving at son’s home

This is how you make raila seem great by putting endless threads about him yet in my eyes = meffi.

Let the criminal face the law. How many people have suffered under his hands and orders.

These old man is still strong… Weeh! I salute him.

I told you you are one of the mentally handicapped fellas here a few minutes ago ukapiga nduru. Ona sasa unajiexpose tena! Umeona wapi raila kwa hii thread? Ama to you baba ni raila pekee?Anyway kila nyani na starehe yake

to paraphrase a saying- those you want to crash hard you must place on a pedestal…

mzee mzito ame land hapo

Tungojee the turn of events

Kwani ignore button haikufanya

Kusema ukweli Orengo na Junet wanakaa walistuka saaana, from their look it’s like it got them by surprise

very true I noticed that, at some point Orengo was stammering and wasn’t sure of what to say

At last we can see photos of Wanjigi home. The media has told us before how secretive he is.

Sasa the complications begin. JaKuon burnt Wanjigi’s money, and they tried to push the guy into the background to avoid appearing ‘contaminated’.

Kumbe he’s so intent on getting power that he’s preparing for militias to escalate the flopping mass action, and evidently, NASA is part of the plot.

Debt is real, desperation is real and national security is paramount.

BTW mbona alijifungia kwa nyumba na akakataa kutoka. This story could be true and even the house in Malindi may be his contrary to what Orengo said.

I think that his Msee might try to intercede via Mama Ngina and D.T. Arap Moi, but where was he all the years when his seed was going rogue?

With all due respect. MW amekula mbusi ya nani?

Speculation no proof. Maina Wanjigi is a clever and astute businessman. He is not that stupid to finance a Presidential Election from his pockets. And trust me. Many people in this country eat from the same plate behind the scenes - take that to the bank.

so tuseme Jimmy one jiggy ni bash alikuwa ameitia waseme hadi frying squad??

Erection manenos braza.

Put down the snuff and read the thread again.