Ile Committee ya Roho Chafu Imeshinda



Huyu mjamaa alipendwa tu juu ya pesa na status. Nothing more, nothing less

Unamaanisha nini committee roho chafu?

Ni yeye Plus 31K azas.

Ooh wale wakutoa 31k ndio uwe committee member?

That woman’s eyes…tell the kind of a person she is. If I can be asked…ni zile za kijezebel…people with such eyes really don’t care about other people but themselves…

Innocent men always land on nasty kungurus and Bad boys always land on innocent girls. It’s the circle of life

Haituhusu viile

io ndio inaitwa ying yang?

You can never buy a mungich, maybe rent one that is the fatal mistake @uwesmake is about to realize. Kula kwenu!

Very true. That forehead and eyes zaogofya kweli kweli

A true mungiki adherent like you

brown skin then from sentrooh…aih tawee!