ii fala Njeri ilikojolea kitoweo ya mafisi



what a waste anakaa mtamu kuosha rungu


picha ina load moja pekee

Are we discussing a lesbian relationship or what?!

njeri ni bwana

Yes indeed. They are a well known lesbian couple. Uppity middo class gals who want to experiment with this life style normally look up to them… Heheeeee

Fuck! Let them continue scissoring to eternity.

io njeri nikipata natomba kieleweje


Kamati phrase: Hata hiyo miguu na waist haikai poa.

so who is whom?
(asking for ile kjiji ya wazee)

mzae ngombe niaje

Villagers achaneni na “tongue issues”

Hot lesbians are rare outside of porn, most adopt (what they think is) masculine appearance and behaviour. The few who are feminine and attractive are usually bisexual or ‘gender fluid’.

Most ‘true’ kenyan lesbians are either fat, ugly or both.

Wamejaa siku hizi, they don’t even hide it. Some women are obsessed with that lifestyle.

Why does one pretend to a man or woman in this kind of homosexual relationship, isn’t that like cheating to be what you are not. If both are girls why can’t they just dress like two girls, does one of them have to pretend to a man!

Alpha les ni kama Nyareira