Igathe still the deputy governor

Nairobi MCA’s have claimed that he never followed the correct procedure when resigning. Now my question is…

If igathe was not degazetted as deputy governor , does he still earn his salary? if not who pockets it? and why?

Igathe is smart and knew politics will finish him in the end, he will not return to politics whether the correct procedure was followed or not from his current job. Speaker will take over and Sonko was pocketing the money

I’ve seen two very huge rats , one I saw in Lagos. The darn thing was as huge as a full grown fat cat, the other was here in Nairobi, most locals refer to it as Mike Sonko

Beatrice Elachi will be the new governor of Nairobi upto 2022

The bigger question here is “what is the procedure of resignation of a DG?”

kwani sonko has been degazzeted as the governor!? pole kwa sawali la ufala lakini nimekuwa kwa shimo fulani the last week?

Having someone Gazzeted or Degazzeted is just for information purposes I dont think when someone resigns from office and having not degazzeted still hold the post.

Waitutu ako nje