IGAD has spoken

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Kweli jubilee wameingia njeve…hii ndio a drowinig man will clutch on straws.!

seems it is only nasa and wakora 4 who saw something the rest of the world failed to see.

Huyu mzee raila amesumbua sana hadi international community sasa imemwambia atulize makende

IGAD, AU and UN ni mdomo tu, we need to stand firm and sort out our issues.

At least IGAD is very clear about the matter. You are vague.

Mimi iko sema tukutane kwa debe

Kwani IGAD imekuwa Jubilee tena? ama inataka kuiba kura kama KDF,NIS, Al Ghurair, Safran…and the list continues

apparently even githeri man was planted to distract people as rigging was going on

After the underwhelming SC ruling - who annuls a vote by 15m people eti electronic transmission failed in some polling stations, was the IEBC supposed to convert itself into a telco? - virtually everybody is seeing the outrage for what it was.

Hata the American statistics professor HIRED BY NASA to prove rigging has withdrawn his initial findings that there was widespread malpractices. He now says these were insignificant but of course our beautiful, free media will not report on that

Which are your issues?

Elections zitafanyika. Come rain or sunshine.

Hii team ya Uhuruto itanyaganywa nyama ikiwa mdomoni…The fact that we are in the current state and none of the could foresee it…Let the camera roll…

IGAD=jubilee puppets.

Interesting! So how come no one from the international community supports NASA apart from the local wakora networks?

The events that led to nullification of election results. Parliament should do their part to amend election laws. Judiciary should reform and judges found incompetent and compromised must go

you expect igad et al wajichomee biashara in the name of Kenyan democracy? I don’t

Nakubaliana nawe…

Kenya lacks the goodwill to do that. If the table turns tomorrow the tune will be different. October 26 haiko far

Well… Thats a spin off by some JP blogger somewhere. I aint surprised. They are scared shitless