If you want zero mileage vehicle carry mirrions, MIRRIONS!!


Those vehicles are not worth that money, and in more advanced nations they will have trouble making meaningful sales.
Kenyans buy to show their purchasing power.

The hilux single cab is the only exception i.e assuming the price is inclusive of tax.

Omwafrika ni mtu mgumu sana. He can’t invent and manufacture. Omusungu na omujapani invents machinery capable of improving Africa in a relatively short time. What does omwafrika do? Tax and price the machines beyond the reach of the majority poor in Africa. Brilliant, just brilliant.

Kweli. The LC200 starts at $80k in more developed and rich countries but star at $204k in vumbistani.

That landcruiser hard top is so expensive and is such a uncomfortable car

8 million kenyan money na 20 million us? Wacha mchezo mzee.

Google the starting price of the LC in UK and US.

yaani serikal iliamua ukinunua gari yako lazima uwanunulie pia?. its messed up that folks from a slowly developing 3rd world country pay way more for stuff than folks from a developed 1st world country. inauma sana.

You live in an imaginery world. These cars sale very well in other countries, except maybe America.
The only problem in Africa is we still have colonial laws so cars are taxed very high.

Our tax regime probably costs us more than the rampant corruption…in USA the Prado goes for between 3-4 million in Kenya it’s double that and you wonder why Toyota won’t open a factory to make them here since they are so popular…replicate this to all sectors of the economy

Everything is overpriced in Kenya. Our people will rarely get value for money from land, housing, quality education, cars. To achieve the same comfort level as a person living in a developed country is cost prohibitive so slum life is the norm not the exception.

do you know how much they sale them in those countries? @Purple can afford to lease any of those cars in those other countries, but in kenya she can’t. no civil servant can comfortably buy those cars using his salary. for a governor to buy a landcruiser 200 at 20 million, he has to save 50% of his Official salary for how many months?

Those pickups are meant for overpaid oil engineers, but in kenya they are driven by low paid county workers.

[SIZE=1]ondoa corruption then toyota Kenya na cmc na isuzu will not make a single sale[/SIZE]

You seem to have some faith in the abilities of our policy makers. Mine is completely lost coz their brains reside permanently in their nether regions.

Yeah, over here even a simpleton like me can easily drive a luxury SUV with an affordable monthly payment of like $700 at less than 4% interest p.a. These are vehicles owned by dictators akina who-is-who in Kenya. In Germany, owning a Merc S class isn’t a big deal while in Kenya it gets tongues wagging. Traffic police manning the highways will stiffen up and salute as you zoom by. :smiley:

Damn! Sasa vitz ni pesa ngapi ikiwa na zero mileage?

Ukweli kabisa :slight_smile:

Kenyans have zero taste. Kila mtu ni toyota.

You didn’t understand him. His comment meant that at those insane prices, they would have problems moving the same numbers as they do in Kenya.