If You Start This Nonsense Here Naenda Afghanistan

Because I need to know the Atieno I’m nyanduaring today was not Omosh last year. These so called “liberals” should stop forcing people to bomoa their kabatis.

This is from Reddit.[ATTACH=full]201158[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]201160[/ATTACH]

Shit happens you just have to learn how to live with it the worlds changing. Lakini kusema ukweli maweza kamua hao wawili kaa sijajua.Nikijua narudi kuwakamua alafu najinyonga.

Umesahau Audrey mbugua…

Kimbia Afghanistan meffi sisi tutaendelea kukamua tu[ATTACH=full]201161[/ATTACH]

Afghanistan wanakamua Punda

Afghanistan ujasoma bacha boys documentary. Young boys wanakamuliwa mpaka settings

I recently watched documentary on guys who had gender reassignment but they are now regretting…


How do I know that you were not @pseudonym last year? Oh yeah she is real. You just ‘appropriated’ her name… Who the hell is @Pseudo

Could it be…oh no. Not again…

@kush yule mnono ni expert wa kukamua punda na ngamia, uliza yeye.

Kenya has very few people who are sick like that. And almost all of them are social outcasts because nobody wants to be around them. We are still in a good place. But it can change in a second. We already have a seemingly liberal judge in the Supreme Court of Kenya. I don’t think it’s good that she’s there. She’s too close to the CJ position for comfort

Kenya VAT imewashikilia Sidhani anytime soon:D

Point of correction, ni ngamia peke yake. Punda sijui uliza @Wakanyama

Sexual violence against children is probably the worst ill in society. Look at what these people are going through. If you hear someone has committed suicide, don’t judge them, more than 50% of them have experienced childhood trauma which has gone on to define their very existence.

@kush yule mnono there is something you have never clarified. Do you hump the single humped or the two humped camels?


Thats a chyeth question … no comment


mkubwa ukifika Afghanistan nitafutie kakeja I’ll be more than ready to convert and marry a virgin there juu hii upuzi inafika huku before 2020

Shida ni nini kijana?

Creativity or the total lack of it thereof.