∴ If you had Ksh 50,000 to spend in 24 hours.

Comment the first thing that comes to your mind and see what the rest will think of your choices.

I now see kwa nini hamwezi achwa mkae shuleni wenzenu wakifanya mitihani kaa hii ndo ujinga mnakuanga nayo.

Unasumbua birrionaires.

Nalipa stima na maji

:meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi: Let’s see what the rest think of the first thing that came to my mind!

You find it stupid. I find it worthwhile talking about. Am fishing for ideas for my next video for my YouTube channel. So ata toxicity yako is content approved.

Birrionaire kama wewe, hii 50k change utaspend wapi.

On Sato I spent 185K in 3 hours Tao. Kama ulikuwa hapo Mama Ngina ST. between 3 - 6 pm u must have bumped into me. [SIZE=2]usiulize kununua nini…[/SIZE]

A few

Some decent sea food and a bottle of premium scotch zinamaliza hiyo pesa. 50k is nothing really kama umeambiwa uspend in one day. Spending is easy, earning is hard.

That’s a small amount to ask such a question . You can pop into a shop and buy a phone and in 5 min it’s gone.

Proceed to checkout pale amazon…

I would bank 48000 and use the rest to buy chocolates and skinny jeans