If you ever tasted this jipigie makofi


Anakuwanga pale gill house?


She is conscious of her extended stomach…pass

Huyu ni Carol Bianca?

huyu naye wa kujipongeza?

Na ujiimbie Luwere…

Looks tasty…
What’s her story …???

Hahaha, you have definitely hit. No evidence needed.

Wueh! This village is small

Coomer ni lile lile ku*omba, ♫♫♫♫ x 2

Naona her vessel imemix fluids za wadau kadhaa hapa.

Leteni hekaya zenu. Hapa mumekula sahani moja

All I can say is that the bitch understands her trade well all factors remaining constant

Coordinates na damage?

Gill house is in between moi avenue and tomboya street in the far eastern corner. Adjacent to KTDA farmers building. The slaughter house is in 4th floor room i guess 22 in a corner. They offer massage for 1500bob and its a good massage. Anything that happens behind the closed doors is an agreement between two consenting adults. But i must admit those bitches are a cut above the rest

Lazima hata sisi tutafute hii kitu.

Modalities? Unaingia na kuuliza watu wanatombania wapi ama? Help a brother ajue jiji.

Fek! Manze maninja zimesafisha rungu na kibwenye moja huku ktalk. You guys are co- fakaz now

Its a massage parlour. Ukiingia the boss will welcome you and direct you to a cubicle where she will present her talented team for you to make a choice. After you have picked your partner in crime you can discuss with her the details of your after sale service. Otherwise the package is presented as massage pure