If you deny a man sex he divorces you quickly but if a man doesn't provide you are told to vumilia and build him

Double standards, if you as a woman do not perform your obligations you are out but if a man like Daddy Owen doesn’t provide, his wife is a gold digger.


Denying a man sex is a big issue. I have an ex wife who did that to me. Alikuwa na excuses mob and made it seem like sleeping with me was doing me a favor.

I have a policy that when we have an issue, we solve it na mwenye amekosea anasema pole and we move on. Yeye sasa she used to use sex as a weapon. When I thought tumemaliza issue, napata kumbe bado hajaimaliza and any attempt to initiate sex was met by an excuse. I had legally married her and paid dowry so it seriously hurt.

I got tired and swore to never ask for sex from her again. I never cheated but kinda turned off that switch. Nikifika home, we had the normal family time and tukienda bed I just slept. After one week without touching her she started asking why I never initiated sex. I told her she could initiate too and because of pride, she didn’t.

Kuongea tulikuwa tunaongea and the family life was okay but topic ya sex I avoided it. She became so suspicious and started accusing me of cheating. She said that because I had not been sleeping with her, I must be getting it elsewhere. I rubbished the claim and I remember that night when we got to bed she started to touch me in an attempt to initiate sex. I didn’t respond.

All my feelings for her had vanished and replaced by deep hatred. I remember I got so mad. I pushed her hand away forcefully that she looked at me shaking with fear. I guess she thought I was gonna hit her. I told her to never touch me again.

The next weeks she was so eager to talk ati we solve the problem. I told her point blank that her habit of denying me sex had made me lose interest in her and that I never thought I could love her again. This broke her. She asked both parents to intervene but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t forgive her and to be honest, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t make love to her.

The sexual attraction had gone. I could begin so well then after some minutes I couldn’t go on. She tried so hard to fix the marriage. She cried, apologized a million times and she lost weight juu ya stress. I was like “haiya, kumbe ulikuwa na haja na ndoa”. We separated and later divorced a year later.

Ladies, you would rather find other conflict resolution skills rather than deny a man sex. That’s like the only thing we marry you for. To a man, it hurts na the moment mwanaume amekutoa kwa roho that’s it. Some of you lost their men to other women and you started accusing other women for using witchcraft.

To be honest, there is rarely witchcraft involved. Boy child is just suffering in silence!

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It’s a man’s world Makena, shape up or ship out

I agree with the man in the #copied story…
Trying to use denying sex as a weapon only makes all the other aspects of the wife/spouse seem non-existent spawning hatred

And that’s why men should introduce the wives to their future co-wives.

Nothing beats having three wives except them beating you.:smiley:

Are you aware that men use money as a weapon? Even for a man paying child support who is married to another woman, many of their baby mama’s say they won’t pay if you won’t have sex with them so essentially you are their sex slave. I know male bosses who won’t even give you leave if you won’t sleep with them. Who is using sex as a weapon here. It’s men.

Shamba shape up? I looked at the life of slavery women live in marriage and saw that I’m too spoilt to survive wacha tuu relationships ziwe za money minting ukichoka kutoa pesa and getting nothing in return you ship out and on to the next. I have been saying here that the 3 ways to give men alot of power is having sex with them, having kids for them and the worst marrying them. You are in indentured servitude. You no longer have vetto power to your own body and life. That title wife is a glorified slave that’s why weddings are such a big deal you are signing away your autonomy and your body and life to a man. Anyway I am in Venus, huku it is a woman’s world.

Sex is like salt to food without it the food is tasteless.

Money is the real salt and food without it you can’t survive, so you can do without sex but never without money.

Women who overemphasize on men with money are the lazy,poor one who lack creativity and only bring pussy to the table in a relationship.Otherwise the ones with money like Akina Waiguru and Wambui Otieno are proof women can’t live without dick.