If you could Advise You 10 years Ago; What would you tell yourself?

Doesn`t have to be regrettable stuff but as Anonymous contributors,;
Please share those things that would have changed your life one way or the other had you known, ten years ago.

I will go First;

  1. Marry her and treasure her love for you because she is Genuine,she is the one and in ten years time if you haven`t committed to her,she will have given you 2 kids.
    She is the best thing that will ever happen to you!

  2. Don`t Re-Mortgage your house in your greed to buy another unsastainable one. You will have to declare Bankruptcy before you get through this bad decision.

  3. Dont be too scared of quiting that job you keep mourning about. Self employment aint easy but it will be the kick start you need to cure yourself from depression,anxiety and all sorts of ailments that come with you not fully embracing the fact that you are a Hands-on type of person who needs to be Fully stimulated at all times.
    Working with others isn`t your thing and you actually enjoy working under pressure!

But you won`t find out until you try.

Ofcourse i fucked up on Number one and two but atleast i have number 3 to be grateful for!

Please share Talkerz.

Tulijibu deorro



Pole kukusumbua but some of us were not 20 years old 10 years ago.

Mbona nyinyi Moderators saa zingine you don`t just stay out of discussions and just watch discussions happen and just “moderate” them?

Saa zingine i feel more under attack from KTalk Staff than from Raia wenyewe.

If you don`t want me here si mnipige mstari muone kama nitakufa!

“The Cream will Always Rise from the Milk”
Tafakari hayo @old monk …


I would also marry her, mama oduma

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The first one :
Men always regret in any breakups

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10 years ago nilikuwa class 7. The only advice I would give my 12-year-old self is to start talking to girls and not fear them like I did. The rest zilikuwa sawa


Fuck school,self employment is more rewarding…also make mistakes while you still have time


Was to post with my “raia” handle

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hehe cheza chini kabooda is a G

Class 7 bado ulikua unasoma ile degree yako ya home science?


tulia Mzee Mjinga, panga pencil na socks zako unyore kesho ni shule


@Expresionist yeah kuna shida?

And what is your “raia” Handle if i may ask?

Let me guess; @Eng’iti …

that sad cunt needs to get a Life!.. kikikiikikikikii…

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if i started saving then… , hata kama ni soo kadhaa per month, my house purchase would have been cheaper.

KLIST SENIOR SHOSHOLITE atleast umepost thread ya maana

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You mean KTalk and KList TREND SETTER of the year?..

Uwivu itakuuwa Mungikiress Loving Maskuebee Hater @uwesmake … kikikikiiiiii

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You were in class 7 in 2006?

Somebody fucking shoot me!!!

I`m too old for these shyte!

@Deorro ,i am definitely old enough to be your Father!

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:D:D:D:D:D:D:D glad I had a diff father

If only i had waited just a bit longer, saved some money in my sacco, and took a cheaper loan. even though I am almost clearing this bank loan. this has been the longest and most painful years that i had to endure paying those huge interest rates. o