If you buy sex from prostitutes, then you have a problem

Elders. Nina swali… be honest to yourself, why do you buy sex?
Apparently, you"ll hear excuses such as it’s cheaper than a girlfriend, kusample (change diet), saves time, nobody bothers you, no pregnancy scares etc
The excuses may be true but deep down you know you have a problem and you have not taken steps to solve it. For me, it was mostly because of low confidence (low self esteem -weight issues et al…).
So, what is your problem???

Mimi siwezi kula hizo lanye mimi. I thought every man loathes them until this kijiji proved me wrong.

Wacha vijana wa pate raha. Kila nyani na starehe zake

Never ever will I fuck a prostitute, and neither have I fucked a prostitute

kwanza kesho naenda kutmoba maraya na niweke efidense hapa

Thank you for bringing this up. Real men approach us ladies, not buying sex! Facts will get them bitter


My fren, if you think you have never bought sex, you have an even bigger problem.

you missed the point

Kijana fupi nono round, the worst Kunguru is a ‘tamed’ girlfriend.

fetishes for Momos, Older women etc…for 1.5$ nsha kamua lanye wewe apo ukilishana chakula ya 40$ CJs kisha anakuambia ananyesha :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D…the same women you are praising are prostituting themselves to Sponsors without your knowledge matters worst wewe na Sponyo mnakamua RAW

Wadau … elders kijiji tuko under attack. Tunakuwa ambushed by feminist and their sympathizer. Seal team 6 …navy seals, spec op, black ops, rangers, rdu, recce, DCI … crap ata soja kujeni ni kubaya.

More and more excuses … Am sure kuna plenty of momos and milfs hapo mtaani - lakini confidence iko sea level… so you go for the easy method

:smiley: Na wakikuja wapitie Wakanda wakuje na Black Panther pia

No attack … just a honest conversation, buying sex is the easy way out… In a few seconds after meeting a lady, mshakubaliana bei and you fuck … if you are a lanye buyer, sit down and reflect … ujue shida iko wapi and make changes, no need to justify with lame excuses

Utajuaje? Kuma ya malaya inakuwanga na stamp?


Mnaona …nimewaeleza harakisheni…oya

he has and will never buy sex