If you as a man are all over shouting how you have been mistreated as a 'boy child' wewe ni N'gombe.

There is nothing much to it. Wewe ni N’gombe tu. How can you as a grown man keep on whining of how women have ‘coned’ you. To make it worse you go crying to a fellow man for support and hail him as your saviour. Take control of your finances even if it’s meagre. Today I will tell you of 3 principles to follow in your life, adhere to them like your life depends on it and much of your problems will be solved.

1.Never pay for pussy if you are not dealing with a prostitute. If you do pay for it, ensure the woman clearly understands her place as a whore. On the other hand if this is a woman you are dating never ever use money to acquire the pussy. It’s just a downward trajectory from there. You will be even married to such a woman and you will find yourself still doing things in return for the pussy.

2.Don’t pay for personal stuff to a woman you are not married to or living with. Una lipia salon, gas ati stima on a house you are not living in, Nigga you just furnishing a house so that another ferker can bang that chick comfortably.

3.Last but not least NEVER think with your dick. Before you get involved with a pussy always rationalise the entire situation. Is this a mutual beneficial association? Do you stand to perennially lose by hitting this pussy. Sit down and think is it really worth it? Do this wank off before meeting a potential woman, If you still feel good about this mbitch then go out all guns blazing on getting her. Once you get the mbitch religiously follow rule 1&2. Ni hayo tu.


Dude, you are the pussy one. Guys were just having a comical relief away from politics. If you repeat this shit again, you should grow a pussy and let uwes rape it. Meffi.

Is it that time of the month already?

Ati “comical relief” you guys were here all month whining mkijaza servers na meffi yenu. Also you seem to know too much about uwes rape chronicles. Tupe hekaya :D:D


These bitches are always whining.

Nyakundi has ruined this forum,@Andrew Kibe ,Kibe arudi speedy na njaro za Corporate chiles before these ’ advices’ frm boy/girl child activists zitumalize.

mwanume lazima ajikaze in all circumstances wa achae kulialia


Tumia hii ndugu, kisha ukunie na ukalale[ATTACH]143955[/ATTACH]

Pay indirectly as a business expense or join the whining fags at mgtow

tutaendelea ku resist slay queens

Kibe ran out of content
PS. Kibe was supposed to have bomoad you as of 6 days ago. Leta hekaya

He can not REACH me…

Papa Uwes is the worst enemy of this resistance movement ya Nyakundi ,machana ako RESIST slay queen, no sooner giza ikingia wah wah manze he is surrounded by Slayqueens zaidi ya wale hawaresist, please daddy dont be a watermelon. Kuna areas haziresistiki , kama mimi bado natumia mpesa although am resisting everything else. My dear usijiue bure , as a woman’s rep inabidi tuu , momo,mifupa ,slayqueen wote ni your constituents. Ambia Nyakundi ukwelihhio ya maslayqueens , kusema tuu ukweli hautawesmek.