If pornoghraphy was legal in Kenya...swali tu??

Ok now that I’ve gotten your attention…haiya…now for those of you who didn’t know Porn is illegeal in Kenya…either distributing, being in possession or even viewing and it is specifically legislated in two acts there is this
• Films and Stage Plays Act and the Kenya Communication (Amendment) Act 2008. And
The sexual offenses act No 3 of 2006

You could get jail time…

Now back to my topic…since porn is a very popular topic here so what if Porn was legal in Kenya…and we had local production houses here( and by the way it pays very well) how many of you “herbivore” men would be willing to be an actor…we know we have enough women who would do it in a flash…from the sidikas to the corazons…female talent is in plenty…now for you men…would you do it?? Case in point that Japanese newspaper story 10,000 women acting porn…but only 70 men in the whole of Japan being actors…sasa kenya itakuwaje
would the men sic " boys" rise up to the occasion…ni swali Tu

Kuja tufanye!

Just because something is popular does not make it right. I, being a very cultural Kenyan, would not partake in such abomination. Some of the ringleaders of this sleaze have the incurable disease and I feel sorry for the sheep who follow them. For they don’t know. For they don’t know.

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That’s very true…
Hiyo story ingine unatupea hapo chini umeongeza sio HOYA nominee, ni UOYA nominee; Upuuss of the year award.o_O

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@Owuadn what Kenyan culture are you implying to? Please elaborate

It is right if we go by the rule of the majority.

Na wewe siuende japan kama undai kudinywa sana?

i can act porn…si it would just be like giving back to the society since itakuwa legal.lol



I meant the old way of life where sex was a very private activity. I admit I look at porn once in a while but I always feel guilty later because I promised to stop. So you see, if I feel guilty just looking at it, it means I wouldn’t be part of that industry if it existed (I’m told it exists)

I guess you feel guilty because of your religious inclinations…well porn like religion eg Christianity is western culture…which was forced down here by the barrel of the gun…if you read history the white men claimed that our traditional rituals were pagan and devilish…and some of the traditional rituals ehhhhh wacha tu…anyway the west is religious while at the same time is tolerant for people who don’t have religious inclinations to practice…huku we base it on traditional values which we don’t elaborate plus Christianity which is foreign

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What about the old way when women walked bare-chested?


Taja jina herbivore tena uone…

It is unfortunate that sex, a subject that has such a profound effect on society and family relations has so much taboo attached to it . Sexing well is a lifeskill that holds a marriage together, and therefore a family. Yet, the parent will leave it to the teacher, the teacher to the pastor, the pastor can only condemn sex as a sin…compounding a bad situation where it was inculcated in a child that sex ni tabia mbaya, when they grew older they were told sex is the source of monstrous diseases…and so on.

christianity condemned african sex education at initiation. is it a wonder then young people are going into life groping…

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Sitataja tena…nisamehe priz

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…and the catholic priests molested the boys…in fact I’ve always wondered why this Catholic priest thing has not been investigated in Africa…I’m sure they must ha e engaged in that molestation here…they have been taken to court in UK,US, Australia but not a single story in africa …I’m sure the victims are too petrified to speak out

Kuna wale fathers wazungu wanakujanga hapa wanafanya hiyo shit. Kuna ule italiano mmoja alikuwa amedefile watoi wengi aje hapa kenya

Because of the biting poverty, erosion of morals, pollution from the very source of the two major religions in the country and disjointed family/societal fabric , you may be shocked by the overwhelming number of willing male actors

or because of poverty they are given a few shs to hold their peace