If it ain't broke...

We are almost on a daily basis beset with news of demos, a fire here, corruption there, general complains on many things that have people we’ve elected in charge of. Kila saa, kila saa. The thing is politicians have not felt the pinch of their misdeeds. “Watatupeleka wapi?” could be what they ask each other when a scandal breaks. A start would be asking what the f**k someone is doing in office with all that’s gone wrong. Instead we are set up to become enemies with each other na hio story inafunikiwa hivyo. The ruling class will not be in a hurry to change things, afterall, it has served them very well so far. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Ask for expanations. Demand better service. Calling your employees"mkubwa", “boss yangu” has taken us nowhere.

Wewe unaitwanga ‘Mkubwa’ na boss yako, hehe

People are not blind neither are they stupid, only that reasonable people appreciate what has been done and compare it against what has gone wrong.