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Well, quite a number of talkers expressed interest in learning to meditate the right way. I guess i unintentionally triggered this when i mentioned those tips i got from @kaswii from the good ol’ klost days (If you missed that post you can have a look here).
Anyway last night before retiring to bed i found a blog post about meditation that says literally the same things i intended to do a write up on. So to save time i’m just going to do a Ctr+C, Ctr+V but i have also included the link to the original post for those who don’t mind long reads. Actually i recommend that you all check out the complete post for pointers i won’t mention here.

To cut to the chase, here’s how to meditate the traditional way: (Ctr+V)

  1. Start with 5 minutes/day, ideally first thing in the morning (it’s easier on an empty stomach).

  2. Once you’re sited comfortably, close your eyes and focus on your breathing: taking small, soft, calm breathes.

  3. With each exhale, relax your body & your mind a little bit more.

  4. When thoughts arise, don’t worry about them. Let them pass through.

  5. Whenever your mind goes astray, simply come back to your breathing.

I will chip in and add that if you do this consistently for two weeks, you should be able to take it a notch higher to about 15 minutes/day.

head over to the original post to read about the benefits of meditation.

hope this helps

@Hunter Xp, etc

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wacha nijaribu.

Thanks mujamaa, sounds like a better passtime than kawasaking

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read it through, watched the video by Jon Kabat-zin, Downloaded the brain evolution mp3… am starting off.

awesome bro, wld love to read your experience weeks from now

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