if all leaders were like Gov.kabogo......on air.....

i watched Hussein Mohamed interviewing Hon kabogo on Tuesday evening…Ngai, si huyo jamaa anaongea poa…softly,respectively,no arguments,admitting valid points…haki he was speaking more softly than pope…
am sure,kama Obama angeona hio interview angerequest a meeting with him…but if you met the same person today…wewe…
i could not believe my eyes…mpaka quail yangu ikasema,na mbona watu wanamwekelea ati yeye ni arrogant???..nikacheka kimoyo moyo and said…Hon Gov.you won 10/0

Honestly kama all leaders wangekuwa kama kabogo …on air…kenya ingekuwa super power

Do you not think the devil is very charming? The devil has to be charming to make you lower your guard.
And most women are very gullible and superficial people so never trust their assessment of a person. I once heard a female say she would vote for a particular candidate because he’s so “good looking.”

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You are in love…and that’s wonderful.

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hahahahaha mbomb…it she will vote for someone coz ako handsome…jakoyo na Ubako hawana future

Kwani wewe ni dame? Thats a cunning and probably dangerous person. Most murderous mafia bosses are like that. Very likeable. Even hitler was. He would hold dinner and be very nice to everyone looking genuinely harmless. Vito Genovese, Sam giancana, Stalin, moi etc

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Mwambie asome about sociopaths and psychopaths…

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Hiyo inaitwo PR

But there was a vein that would protrude on his temple every time Hussein asked a tough uncomfortable question. This shows how agitated and uneasy he was.
Kukes call it: mukiha wa ndore:D



It always comes out when one is very uncomfortable and probably under internal pressure (read ndore) but is unable to release:D:p


Look at my avatar and for those who have watched “Breaking Bad”, you know the man behind that smiley face. Looks are deceiving.

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Kutoka uende Naivasha

Am amazed by this gustavo character. He seems so harmless but so far, I can’t believe the things he does. .am on season 3

season 3. . we cant wait for them to ressurect Season 6

Yap…and enjoying every minute of it.

@Purr_27 kam tulale

You wonna make her cum?:rolleyes::rolleyes:

He has also acted “Revolution”.

No baby, just teasing. You know its only you i do that to. You got a place in my cum

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