IEBC Voter registration and change of station

Within the 60 days IEBC should grant Kenyans a window of 20 days to change polling stations and register new voters…We can’t have people closing businesses for days just to travel and cast a vote in their hometown.


Who in their right mind does that? You must be a special breed.


Katimba inasemaje kuhusu hilo swala?

Don’t know, nataka kupeleka kura to someone’s stronghold

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what difference will that make in the count?


some counties will tilt in favour of the other

This is a presidential Election. Mama saitan @aviator was right


This makes no sense…this is a popularity vote. Its not a electoral college voting system

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Now you have confused him further by compounding the terminology


Popularity vote yes I agree, but the numbers will change at the county level, counties like Kajiado, Narok, Nairobi, Kisii and Nyamira.
That’s why I am changing my polling station to one of the above.

Haki ya mungu hesabu ulipata nought


Iko chida

It Makes no bloody difference!

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Nitasema mara ngapi, this is the same 2017 eg lections and apart from the voting, counting and tallying everything else remains the same. Sasa mtu aulize kama anaeza ongezwo kama candidate. Sienj kapsaa

Heee heee! So chibukati anapatiwa ultimatums of all kinds… Mara secretariat… Oh! New commissioners…
Oh! Open registration… Oh! Open server… New ballot printers.

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yea none if you only interested in the final vote count


What else are you interested in? What’s the main reason for wanting to switch from your current station to the next, and what do you hope to achieve?

we ni “katimba” wendire

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Rusha number ya @Female Perspective