IEBC register- In Excel/PDF

After much uproar over the 20,000/= cost for the register, the IEBC has bowed down to pressure and will be releasing the register in Excel/PDF format in a few days/hours.

Sasa tutajua who exactly are voting in a particular station. Hapa kuiba kura itakuwa ngori.

What are your thoughts on this development?

PS: This register will also be very useful kwa team mafisi after elections. Hii mambo ya kutuambia unaishi Ridgeways na Kura yako iko mlango kubwa will land you in trouble.

Kuuliza tu, kama kuna msee alidedi, ama hata haexist na kura yake ni ya Cayowle, utajuaje? Not unless kuitwe mkutano ya area ya kupigia kura ndio mweke tick mwenye yupo; of which bado haitaweza…

ikuje we’re waiting

Privacy dash. I’ll be waiting eagerly.

story na BVR itamshika. Hata kama itakataa kazi, utapata ID ngapi za wasee wamededi?

The issue here ni kuprevent ballot stuffing.

Kama itaweza ni sawa. Atleast hakutakuwa na kilio mshindi akitangazwa…

I think this will be the most free and fair election ever witnessed in Kenya.

  1. The commission was reconstituted
  2. The register was cleansed
  3. The constituency tally is final
  4. The register will be made public
  5. Adopt-a-polling-station strategy
  6. etc

This time hakuna wizi wa kura!

That register will not contain personal info like tel no, date of birth, etc. otherwise Hi Hee Bee Cee will be sued.

iko na your full names, ID/passport number and polling station only.

Hata hii register kupewa kila mtu somebody will go to court raising privacy concerns.

UOTP loading…75% complete!

You had the time i see

full name and id?? that’s too much info in this country.

I thought so too. Watu wa kamiti are just smiling awaiting.

But wacha itoke tuone. Sidhani they can release all that data. Especially where you can match an ID with the name

kesho utaskia mtu ameenda court suing IEBC over privacy concerns

BullCrap…Chebugwati amekataa nayo

i’m hoping for name and voter card number. AT MOST. anything beyond that is a breach of privacy.

You can tell and do alot with someone’s id number if you have their full names and phone number

I think we need to screen shot some comments hapa so Raila akishindwa watu wasianze kulia ati kiliibiwo…hehe

I don’t think the register will be fully cleared
[li]People will not stop dying,en some are registered as voters, kwan wataclear till wen?[/li][li]The register is to big for me personally to verify its validity, rem wapishi wengi huharibu upishi[/li][/ol]