IEBC recruitment

When is the recruitment of iebc polling station clerks and agents ?

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Call Chiloba.

he he…Tulia MZEE…Rko kama hizi zitafanya watu wanyongwe na fobe

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They may not dova fresh one. Remember there is only one election as opposed to six previously. I think the advert was posted here sometime. @Ice_Cube over to you.

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Ha ha ha :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: iko wapi namba?

Are you stupid or merely trying, how did you log in here? Do the same with the IEBC website.

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Hehe reading that sweep in accompaniment with the image on your avatar conjures a short laugh


Baba yenyu alisema no erection !

they have decided to go back to their database and will pick the personnel from there,… wale wali apply before but were not selected

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sirkal saidia hapa!

you dont have to offer assistance with that kind of tone,it beats the purpose and makes you look an angry, bitter and aggressive person which i suppose you are somehow. kawaida nimeivaa…

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Am actually a very gentle person, remove the helmet am throwing nothing.

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I choose peace.

:smiley: Sawa

Raundi nakua returning officer. Jakuon ataona moto

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The recruiting is not happening, it was decided that the previous agents be retained and the clerks too but as for the clerks they will be reduced from the previous number.
source: don’t click anywhere

umejibiwa na @Prono

Nina kura tatu