New memo from Chiloba to Commissioners…
Point 1… KIEMS kit will not be configured. To include only 2 candidates.
Point 3… There shall be NO Result Transmission System. Meaning no results either TV screens or from their website.

From polling station, enter 00 on all fields on KIEMS kit.

Abit confusing but we hope everything will work out…
[ATTACH=full]132421[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]132422[/ATTACH]

hehe njoja welding brigade wakupate hapo!

Hii election nikama imewekewa mitego ianguke. Yaani mbona high court ilichukua 36 days to say Aukot awekwe kwa ballot?
So hizi results tutazipata friday asubuhi coz. kama hakuna text transmission, tallying will take time
@Deorro @admin, ile inbox nilituma ingesaidia hapa

Tungojee experts

Fake news

Fake news … Hii inaskumwa huko Twitter Na akina Mutai, nyakundi Na disembe

Itabidi uamue ni TIG ama MIG…sma hata Oxyacetylene.

Fake news

Its not fake.
Citizen just confirmed

VE unasema nini?

Loading…People about to draw mischief from this…

Thing 1: no elections
Thing 2: Aibisi must go
Thing 3: Start from thing 1

uko slow

FAKE NEWS. Ive sources and they all say it’s fake News



if it is fek then the authors are getting good…from concepting to execution…

It is aunthetic, the DN have cited it. There is also a piece about fears of attacks on IEBC staff in NASA strongholds which has prompted Chebukati and Akombe to travel to Western and Nyanza respectively to assess the situation.


Then you have fake sources :):slight_smile: