IEBC commissioners

Before elections, 4 iebc commissioners went ahead and said the results announced by Chebukati were wrong and they couldnt abide by them.

Lets go back, its coincidental that the 4 of them were appointed by Uhuru; lets ignore that since IEBC commissioners are appointed by the President. Its also ironical that only them distanced themselves from the results pointing to one thing: they were put there to serve the interest of a particular candidate. IEBC commissioners have a problem of being partisan and showing it openly. Roselyn Akombe said it when she was resigned while on a plane to the US.
Cherera disputed the results by Chebukati but whats more ironical is that she has been reading verified results at Bomas for almost 3 days. Now you wonder kwani siku ya mwisho ndo shida inapatikana? Cherera has even been seen spending time with Joho who is affiliated to Azimio. Simply put they were serving the interests of a particular side and it seems Chebukati didnt want to play ball and so they ran away and started saying the results were doctored. She gave a vague answer of ‘opaqueness’ in the process. How can it be opaque when all the results were uploaded in the iebc portal?

Stupid analysis. I thought you were digging deep into the issues they raised.

Cherera is a babe


They didnt raise any issue. They said the process was ‘opaque’ which is very very vague.

‘System’ is being unmasked

stupid analysis.

crappy grammar

meffi post overally

What is more opaque than the press statement they gave us

Managing the disaster are you, not every commissioner was willing to play ball

And that’s thw whole point. We thought he was unearthing something that would change the Kenya political sphere

Once the dust has settled, these four musketeers should be made to answer some serious questions.

The only person who deserves to answer some serious questions ni Didmus Baraza.

DB atapambana na judiciary and prove his case. But these four will have to talk. Kama walilipwa na wakakula, itabidi wametema. These are thugs on hire.

Wacha tuskie wanasema nini hapo Serena Sasa.

I dislike generalization. Not sure they’re thugs until we get to hear their side of the story.

The only opaque thing about these electione were the sinister motives of the 4

Ati 0.01% of Kenyan voters ni ngapi? This woman is stupid. Even in statistics, such margin of errors are normal.

Unaskiza huyu mumama ?
Sasa tena imekuwa mathematical absurdity from opaqueness. Kwani watu hawana calculator?? :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
Ghai ! Yenyewe mtu akishalipwa lazima atafute every reason to earn their pay.

Cherera is Bae .

Chebukati = Kivuitu .

tumianga akili madam . Opaqueness can also mean mathematical absurdity .

Chebukati cant just wakeup and ignore other commisioners and make his own bullshit