Has Idris Elba been officially confirmed as the new James Bond Character. Let’s wait and see. But sure to say Elba is a bad ass character.



Heheh this will be interesting


Is this the Katie Hopkins the loudmouth journalist I know of? she should hush her gums. Idris has earned his stripes. Black actors/actresses have really worked hard, sold their souls to make it in ‘hollywood’.

The only way movies can sell these days is by pandering to the black constituency

Thousands of white supremacists would die of heart attacks if such a thing happened :D:D:D
His role as the last Gunslinger in The Dark Tower also had some foaming at the mouth. I kinda get where some are coming from though. If a book portrays a character as white, and you’re making a movie based on the book, it isn’t racist to cast a white person for the role. It just sounds like political correctness. So what’s next? What if a woman decides she wants to portray a character who is a man in the books, and vice versa? What’s to stop anyone from portraying any character, no matter what the original content says?
Having said that, and skin color aside, the man would make a very good Bond.

It would be funny. Trevor Noah had already discussed this

People can be petty, when Craig got the role kulikuwa na upuzi ya “a blonde has never played it”
But they have a history of having whites do roles for non whites. Well if they do is it will be restitution for the previous sins

We do gender, tribe and race bending all the time in productions depending on the market.

In Hollywood, it’s strictly business. If it makes money, it makes sense. If financial projections show a positive outcome from a black bond, Bond will be black. If fact if it serves them positively, the entire cast of the movie can be black.

But Hollywoods marketing is much deeper than just the actors. When you see Bond in Hungary, jua kuna deal kati ya the producers and the Hungarian government to promote Hungary.

That’s why aliens only ever attack the top tourist cities in the world - tourism fund ya hizo cities ziko hapo(plus a bit of white supremacy).

Halafu mbona aliens, terrorists and natural disasters wanapenda kubomoa Golden Gate bridge in Los Angeles? Naona Californians wanacomplain Sana. They’re always telling Hollywood to leave the golden gate alone!:smiley:

Hatuwezi kubali James Bond akuwe mwafrika hii kitu wangepea boy wangu Jason statham

Ni advertising na pia landmark ya LA juu it’s basically movie shooting central.

Hata kwa movies kama Transformers, si huwa unaona a lot of military tech and equipment? Courtesy of Pentagon boss.

Kuenda huko! DNA proves Cleopatra was black yet still whites play the role