Ideas on Land in Ukambani for retirement home/holiday home

Hi talkers, am turning 30 next year and I need to buy a piece of land na nijenge kwangu. Am looking for ideas on which place in ukambani has good potential with good soil, good infrastructure and access to water source. Am looking at any areas within machakos, makueni, kangundo rd as well as Mombasa road. And what’s the indicative price of land? Thanks

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Kwenu ni Ukambani side gani?


why not buy in masii it is growing perfectly well as a town. Uneza pia angalia machakos the area around the teachers college in miwani.

Enda ununue side ya Kangundo between Tala and Kilimambogo. The weather is generally good and land is good especially for farming. Hakuna mawe kama Kitui ama Makueni

Masii is a good place BTW, what’s the price of land around miwani?

Land prices huko? I am actually considering tala as well

Don’t know much about the price but you can check on Jiji for example

Mananja in machakos county. An acre ranges between 600k to 850k. 5km from Nyeri Makutano highway just after Murang’a Teachers College.

Enda Wamunyu kule Makueni…Maembe maingi munoo

Ukambani land and Nyokaland ni synonymous… I would not wish to retire with venomous snakes visiting me every time…


Availability of water:D:D.