iddi amin dada....



can you post alot of nonsense so i @Nefertities and @Meria Mata will like it. you become an elder ndiyo kichwa yako iaache kuwa ya decoration purposes only


Jik ya cham nanyuki ni how much?


interesting. get my like


Although am not amused by your post i recall once a time an Iddi Amin documentary where he would talk of what he was planning to do to the Israelites training his pathetic Amy . And showing how good he was in swimming . that h=guy was a knut case for real. he loved saying ‚Äúcompletely‚ÄĚ I just loved it dem days , na sio ile movie ya kijinga yake

are you implying that you were a major in dadaa army?

tikuno/bikra ama ile watered down?


kuna bikra kutoka jikoni which is actually distilled either from chemicals or the natural ingridients.
hiyo ya natural which is less poisonus is 12k while the other ni ten

Haujaanza kutomba jailbait Kawambui? Tupe hekaya wacha nonsense ya kujipendekeza.

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my principles haziruhusu nitombe a minor but i have screwed the storekeeper na sec nataka niongeze accountant.
ikilipuka nitaleta hekaya. wako very close kugundua the accountant is a bit reluctant anadai kwanza i tell her if i have any r/ship with the first two.
anakuja kesho nione kama atapeperusha bendera nusu mlingoti

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@reverend =Enock Ndamo

Ooh the drama that will ensue. Am sure hiyo ndiyo itakutoa huko.

Not of course not how could I resite this ‚Äúmundu wa karaitina‚ÄĚ

you were talking as if you had inside info

Wish I would recall the name of the documentary, you would die in laughter, he had beef with Israel, infact there was a siege involving Israelites, they managed to access the airport secretly to rescue the hostages at night

Idi amin alikuwa mteso.

Kawambui niorganizie ka 17 year old nikuje ni ume