ICEA Lion investment plans

Wadau, am seking advice on this plan , being offered by icea… na kama its worth it nianze next year… Feedback is appreciated. :

I would also like to learn the same. Anyone with insight please share


Go for it. Never miss the premium payments and either you or your beneficiaries stand to benefit from your wise investment.

You don’t want to leave your family in dire straits once you check out of this world.

Weka pesa kwa sacco and earn good dividend and freedom to take your money. Hizo story za insurance za never miss a premium and risking too lose your money if you demand for it before a certain period is a no for me.

ukisikia kitu iko na ‘life cover’, run to the hills bruh. Insurance company are there to make money and not to of u or make u wealthy. Think of Government Bonds or save in a sacco.