I-writer account details.

A friend of mine wants to sell an i-writer account to me at 20k,is it worth the cash?i tried creating a new account but they said they are not accepting new writers.should i or should i not?

Kujia new standards at 1000each…inbox for more details

Kuna group flani ya writers mi huchungulia kule FB, they’re currently bitching about how iwriter has become shiiiit. New owners, stringent rules, reduced pay na mengine meeeeeengi. Probably why your friend is selling.

is 20k justifiable,iko premium stage.

i will contact you very soon but i need a premium one…

elite plus is 10000…premium should be less than 3k

I hope hujanunua. Iyo account ilikufa ikazikwa

what do you mean?
:D:D:D,nafaa kupeana pesa kesho:eek:

Dont buy!! Unless akuuzie elfu tatu

I know my reply has come in late but as an iwriter user I would advise you not to buy at that price. I have a premium account na siku hizi kupata job ni stress. Most requesters are fraudsters who will steal your article and then reject it claiming that it was poorly written. You will really struggle to recover that cash. Akikuuzia below 10k it’s worth giving it a try