I Will pay


Give him a packet of Tuzo long life milk,
And the small bottle of JIK
The balance of 5 Bob,
Give him a lollipop.


Give him “Softcare” Pamper,
Kshs 100 Safaricom Bamba,
and 1KG of Basmati rice,
Reminder: Pamper should be of medium size.


Give him the small Movit Hair styling jel
Wrap for him the change very well.


Give him 1 Litre Fanta orange soda,
Kshs 10 give him Mara Moja,
A half litre salad cooking oil,
And Kshs 5 mosquito coil.


Give him Festive brown bread,
and Gillette razor blade.


Give him 4 satchets of Nescafe,
and two freshly baked Queen cakes,
Note: If not fresh, just leave.


Give him the following items,
Five 120 pages exercise books, 1 HB pencil and two sharp-pointed biro pens,
2KG of Pembe Maize flour,
1KG of Brown sugar,
1 packet of salt,
Will sort you by 5th. I won’t default.


Notes to my shopkeeper

Sani are you alright?

January yanipeleka mbio

Muhindi ,tulikuambia vitendawili uwachie Baba

notes to the shopkeeper

…and you think arror will make things better in 2022. Si angekupatia wheelbarrow ufanye nayo side haso.

Henyway, atleast 70% of kenyans tuko in the same boat. Kazana ndugu…

Sani you have a gift of poetry and you should exploit it to make a few coins.