I Will Blame the President......

…if if the country snap from the ruling of the wakora network. The government knows very well that some judges are compromised and have allowed them to sit on the bench. Mutahi Ngunyi hinted that Jubilee went to sleep after 26th the same way they did post 8th. If they let the court nullify the election again, they do not deserve the presidency. The first step would be to bar the two accused judges from getting anywhere near the court premises. After that we would be having a neutral bench that would give a ruling with no bias. Be prepared for anything from that court…

Don’t panic

Sasa Unataka Uhuru afanye nini?o_O

Btw if four of the six judges decide to uphold uhuru’s victory alafu mwilu na maraga waamue hii election ni null and void…nini inaweza happen??

Do you understand what majority means?

What does uhuruto expect from a court which does not respect votes ) casted, uses fake evidence and attempts to block an election from happening one day to the election. If this is nullified, uhuruto do not deserve our votes. To Wakora judges they have been given the opportunity to create a nusu mkate govt.

I do, but minority ni cj na dcj.:eek:

they still got 1 vote, so the outcome will be 4 to 2

all their votes hold the same weight. The CJ and DCJ do not have (1 * 1.5) votes each by virtue of their position

You can rest easy. Hii petition ni mboga.
Remember on the day Maraga nullified and there was no Jubilee politician in sight? They knew what was about to hit them.
The same way Nasa has shown disinterest in this petition, they know what is about to hit them. I’ve not seen senior Nasa politicians but Jubilee has Duale in court today.
Nasa knows they no longer have the tyranny of numbers in the Supreme Court.

powet plans right now behind the scenes am sure are at peak

Ahmednassir has to be arrogant?

These wakoras are very unpredictable! fullstop!!

You beat me to asking him the same,does he live in kenya?ama awa ni wale…ama wacha tu

Keep updating what is happening there in the Supreme Court

hio kesi ni ya upusss we cant afford another election wawache kutu wastia time

Hey, where did you run off to

There is no day Kenyan leaders shall fall to that trap, maybe vision 2060

Am very much around. Too much work tho…how ru?

Hi Nana, pole kwa kazi. Mamissment nazo.