I want to purchase I phone 6 next week. Any leads?

Basically, I just want leads to reliable/trustworthy sellers. Second hands are welcome as usual.
If you know anyone/a place, saidia.

Safaricom chop

Nunua kaduda. Affordable and available from all Orange shops

Import with those free shipping companies. Utapata a good quality and original

ingia OLX!! mimi my 5 previous phones mi upata olx then natumia kiasi nauza tu hapo olx bado! New and used 2nd hand as u wish… utapata hata enye mtu ali-buy and changed his/her mind and will give it to you at a great discount.

saai nina infinix x551 i got it in olx for 7k. jamaa ali-buy and was selling ati juu ni kubwa hataki simu kubwa brand new. simu enyewe jumia inauza 11k

ama nunua hii infinix yangu nimetumia 2 weeks hata ishani-boo already. am putting it in olx at 9k hii najua ntapigiwa kesho ama leo jioni mtu anaitaka

Whatever you do, do not buy a used smartphone. It might have been stolen and the owner murdered. When it is traced to you, you’ll be in big trouble.

safaricom shop

Android ndo najaribu kuachana nayo kabisa.

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With iOS 7 and Mountain Lion onwards it’s very rare cause of activation lock but it all depends if the owner had turned on find my iPhone feature.

In lay man language, all iPhones are locked and require activation. Activation is only done by apple servers and it’s a two step process. Sim/network lock check and find my iphone check.
With iPhone, iPads, iPods and macbooks if the owner locks the device or the device firmware/OS is restored you still need the credentials of the owner to activate it. Most of these stolen devices are sold at throw away prices to repair shops as spare parts.
Apple did it right to the extent legit owners can be locked out. They also provided a way to check if it’s locked before purchasing https://www.icloud.com/activationlock/

Safaricon Shop if you truly don’t care about price. Remember apple sells its products and resells third-party products in most of its major markets directly to consumers.

@Slipas 6 Plus 64GB what’s your offer?

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Great info @kiki, I think a 6 plus is too big. can you find a 6 (64GB)? I am willing to chuck between 70-80 if the Device is in good shape.

Too bad you don’t want the 6 Plus. Anyway I couldn’t wait till next week. Yes, I may get you one in a colour of your choice. Good choice going for the 64GB. 16GB is too small. FYI the price jump between memory capacity is 10K 16->64->128. When ready inbox.

Alright. Noted

where can I trade in my I-phone 4s?

xuma i have a a 4s but still locked if i may ask how is its performance?

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@benja Have had mine for some time now and I have not reggreted.Have had no problem.Its just that I want to upgrade.

whats your price for the 4s?

@Nefertities …inboxed.

too expensive for a 4s. thanks though