I Understand the importance of keeping fit at this time but ni lazima iwe nje...

…Just coz i refused to be her fitness partner at home (coz of a number of reasons) wife ameenda akatafuta a morning jogging partner… a dude,
even after emphasizing mambo ya kutoka nje she should avoid, if she has to exercise am thinking she can do all that at home, there is enough room
some gym equipments and she can youtube those exercises but she just has to go out… wacha ata mimi nitafute fitness partner…hizi precautions kazi bure.


Uko sure hajaendea…

Wah! How can your wife disrespect you like that?

Atachunishwa skuma kwa bush:D


It will end in premium tears

Marriage issues post two today!! @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii ndani must be grabbing a drink right about now.

Beta male chieth you should be exterminated. Sasa aki ingia nyumbani saa tano usiku na wewe una make sure umeingia saa saba?

You have just told us who is the man in your family.

Hihihihi he must be on his Glenfiddich and some Cuban cigar laughing at us.:smiley:

Acha usaidiwe kutomba. Unajidaingi hapa ivi sjui alufa meo kumbe umeshindwa kutomba bibi mmoja. :D:D. I hope that fitness guru achunishe ikus ikuwe Longonot crater.Beta chieth.

Ebu tell us the whole truth. Because serious bedroom gymnastics is a work out too! But jokes aside…she is putting your life in danger by exposing herself and you want to join in too???..endeni tuu pole pole. Hope the kids are safe. There are many you tube dance and aerobics findios on line. Yoga…etc

Guys this thing is real and it will take us with it. But if guys cannot take the advice seriously then well well well… what can we say?

My old mum is sat infront of the telly all day looking at the numbers of the dead out here esp UK and America and gets depressed every min. I told her off jana. Said stop watching those numbers, leave it to God else utakufaa na stress…whether she listened or not sijui…

Lock the door and don’t open for the cuñt when she comes back…utakubali kuletewa Corona ukiangalia??

yes after kukagua wife yako na wa wenzako

Kama mnakosania vitu za ujinga kama hizo you are doomed, treat your partner like an adult, unless you married another bonobo that needs to be guided and watched like a little baby

It was just a rant na ilishaisha, 80% of us are asymptomatic so as long we take precautions not to spread it all will be well
as for the bedroom gymnastic its okay… inbox, you can be my jogging partner :D:D

The illness of stupidity is what blinds us from scientific facts and calling corona virus mambo ya ujinga i understand you completely

:DHehehe sikuona ikiisha but all good. Thanks for the offer but I think my bed gymnastics are well sorted. Wcha nione kama I will lose the pounds I need to lose pole pole as I can’t do v vigourous workout yet.