I thought paper bags were banned?!

Why are corporates allowed to use paper bags in presenting gifts? This is Preaching wine and drinking water!

:DIt took a while to find the paper bag in the photo

That present in yellow is very remarkable, most wouldn’t mind, including me.

Tuliona Before M7 awe president 4 Life.
@Mundu Mulosi said that is M7’s land not .ke

Yenyewe hapo they are not “fare”.:D:D:eek:

good question


Hiyo mbisha sio ya UG, aka M7 land?


niko sure nikienda Pluto nipate alien dem momo ntakula , pussy is universal

Amebeba irreducible minimum.

Wueh! That body part is almost covering the entire pic frame… Anaitwa nani?

Stealing the shot;)

Away from the picture of Mundu Mulosi, paper bags are still in circulation

Meen, hii parachute si ni bwaku. Hii haikosi anashonesha kwa tailor.

Custom made. @Guru Kuja. Makanika Uko?

Mimi naikula na juwala hiyo

Parachute iko na fishbone stitch. Hiyo hata X-ray inaheshimu, haionyeshi mifupa.

Kwani unakula parachute? Ata ikue hot air baloon ni sawa.

hawa ni watu dem akiwapatia somesing wanalenga na kumwomba handawear instead,then go to bathroom and seriously wank on it. You can tell one from creeping creepy comments they make to a point of relating it to a stitching tailor . ill leave it here