I thought he is the founder and owner of the company

Wadau, I have always known that Bharat Thakrar founded and owns SCANGROUP yet today he has been sacked. How do you sack the owner of a company? How does that work? Hebu mnichanue.

Steve Jobs?

when the owner wants to be super rich, and he invites people to invest, and the people take over, and the people sack him.

Ukikuwa na company yako. Uuze shares more than 50% to the public. They form a board of directors to run the company. They can fire you at any time. Steve jobs is a good example. Alifutwa kazi kama chokosh

The board answers to shareholders and if your actions as CEO affect the value or integrity of the company then they will vote to fire you to protect company interests.

You can only be sacked through board of directors who have got shares of the company they can decide to vote you out na utaenda

How does that happen Murume?

Si umeambiwa hapo juu. Are you thick?

How does it work?

Makes sense. But you will remain a shareholder?

But in this case he is the largest INDIVIDUAL shareholder with 13.68%. And the face of the company literally. Although I’m learning that he did incorporate WPP and now they are the largest shareholder. I didn’t know this.

He is very thick infact:D:D

Cyprian Nyakundi

Being the founder of a company has no legal benefits. What matters is who owns the shares of the company. You can start a company, sell a sizable number of shares and become a minority shareholder. In other words, unaeza jenga nyumba yako mzuri, ulete kunguru in the name of a wife, alafu baadaye akufukuze kama burukenge.

It also depends na voting rights kwa board , company inaweza kuwa na board members wengi lakini ukiwa na alot of voting rights you control the board , board members can not vote you out a good example is Facebook Zuckerberg has around 20% ownership of Facebook but controls around 60% of the board voting rights , which means if everyone in the board goes against and try to voted him out , he can not be voted out.
It depends alot with how the company’s board is structured .

Which is why most folks will retain there voting rights at atleast 51%.

That’s not a good analogy juu hao shareholders walimlipa pesa. So ungesema ujenge alafu kunguru ikurudishie pesa alafu akufukuze.

Maintain 51% of share holding, and that gives you the majority votes in the company.
13.68% means he held 13.68 votes, anything above 50% is considered majority shareholders, and their votes decides.

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