I think this sums it up

You are by yourself. When you decide to make a sacrifice, don’t expect the “hand to be returned”.
That’s why it’s called, sacrifice.

PS : this is the guy who was run over during protests.

visit to Kenyatta National Hospital, we met Owiro lying in his bed with a swollen left leg, his pain evident.

Since his admission, he claims doctors have never attended to him except offering him tembes to dull his pain.

“Passaris gave out Sh1, 500 for activating my NHIF card and left me with promises which are yet to be fulfilled. I have never seen her since. I am just rotting in this bed with no services from the doctors because they are demanding a down payment and I have no money,” he says.

Doctor Omanyo confirms that Owiro suffered a hip bone fracture as well as an injury to his right leg which requires Sh500, 000 to fix.

But Owiro says he has no snowball’s chance in hell of getting his hands on that kind of money.

“I am just a vendor of second-hand clothes who barely makes enough to feed my family. So where do I get half a million shillings?” he poses.

“Since I was admitted, only Esther Passaris, Simba Arati and Amolo Otiende have paid me a visit. But even Raila himself has never set foot here,” he says.

Strangely, no police officer has come to question him or ask for a statement about the incident that led to his hospitalisation.

kazi ya kuuza nguo alikuwa ameachia nani siku hiyo?

Mwiba wakujitakia

I want to feel sorry for him but it’s hard.

passaris anajua kuwa one has to be a contributing member of nhif for atleast 6 months for it to be used to settle bills by the time 6 months. But hey lets stick it to the government

I feel sorry for him. In my small capacity, I will chip in.

reality should have sunk in for him saa hizi, he is a small pawn in a very big game

i guess he had a card but had let the monthly contributions lapse.

I asked myself the same question.
You can barely feed your 9 kids (another mwiba wa kujitakia), then you abandon the little you have then go add another burden?

Kuna watu na viatu

Perhaps now that it’s highlighted they will start trooping in to give hypocritical aid. Perhaps he will become a celebrity!

You would be excused to blame his predicament on the probability that he is not educated and he’s jobless. But alas! For your information, even the most educated of them are even more thick!

This is the reason many of these people are out in the streets, they think their life circumstances will changed drastically if Raila is elected, unbeknown to them things will remain the same or get worse.

The government should show some good will, step in and help this man he has a family who depends on him. ….and perhaps he will leave that hospital a little wiser.

:)stop profiling our people

He was looting!, anyway, pole kwake

And he has 9 children.


probably to register such people rarely take initiative

What this guy and other victims don’t realize is they would have been preferred dead, when they are dead it’s better for their politicians to talk about police brutality, massacres and genocide and they will have a day to be remembered so the same politicians can incite more people to follow the ones being remembered.

They choose to profile themselves! Would you say that the government can discriminate any community in the Kenya we are in today? And whenever the government reaches out to them they simply throw shit at the same government!

Look at this, Sir @gashwin


I tend to believe you

Owiro, however, vows that the injuries won’t deter his passion and zeal in for supporting Raila and that upon his recovery, he will still attend his rallies.