I think m possesd by demons

Of late my life is crazy , things just happen as I imagine… I can say mwaura will come n tell me this tomorrow n it happens…

I may think of someone and all of a sudden he happens to come by or we meet …

I may dislike you and eventually misfortunes befall you,… I’ve tried to pray so as not to see this things they randomly happen …

As we speak before 25th Dec something will happen in Kenya , n this will be on 18th Dec

Don’t call it demons, some people were born with supernatural gifts. It’s a gift. I’m the same way it’s scary but I’m used to it now.

For instance there’s a lady who passed on a few weeks ago. Two days before her death, it was in the afternoon, I just started thinking about her soooo deeply. I saw a review of her life, her children, her work and 2 days later, a call comes in. She’s dead. It has happened so many times. God has shown me many things before they happened, I have seen people gossiping about me or my family or planning evil, and God showed me their hearts. I’ve epukad a lot of trouble because of this gift.
Use your gift well, to God’s glory.

You can at least begin by being specific on what you imagine will happen on 18th so that we revisit on 19th. Otherwise “something” is always happening in Kenya.


Devil cannot predict the future.

For me it’s more of a vybe thing, I feel people’s energy, those who hate or are indifferent or plainly are open to me.I once busted an ex who was in coast over the phone, from the energy she was exuding when we talked over the phone.

It would be nice if you imagined: thought yourself rich and it happens. Become a billionaire. If you can’t do that then hii ni chocha tu.

BBI inapita ama haipiti?


The devil can predict the future.

Eti something will happen in Kenya…
That’s a lot of leeway…
Unless you define the “Something”…

Huyu jamaa ni drug addict. I can assure you that.

You’re taking as back 600 years to witch burnings and the earth is flat theories. This is the 21st century and we should move beyond superstition.

What you think is demons is merely mental illness. Furthermore, what you think is a prediction or intuition is mere coincidence.

umeanza extortion sasa , utatulipisha aje ku win bets .

Pastor @Liberty anafaa ku drown hii mtu kwa holy water na achape yeye viboko na msalaba ya mbao mpaka hio “saitani” iko ndani yake itoke.

Sometime back u said u will kill yourself. That never happened. Ata round hii utakuwa tu wrong.


Punguza bhangi my brother.

Level amefika hawezi punguza. Itabidi aache kabisa

In other words kunguru hafugiki! :smiley: