I stopped watching news

Who else is like me? I stopped watching news like seven years ago. I have even abandoned watching TV completely. But I still get all the breaking news and events on other platforms. I have this feeling that TV will ultimately die in the next few years. Heneway merry Christmas wadau

weather forecast, has the margin of error reduced ?

Mimi hushindwa wewe unakuwaga moderator mgani?

Juu hufanani na mkikuyu mwenzako electronics.

I basically don’t watch TV

I watch sports on tv. And skim through every once in a while.

TV iishe? Wewe chief unasema nini? Kaì ûnyuire? TV itamalizwa na ile meteor itamaliza the species known as house maid! Kama saa hii kuna a craze nasikia ati inaitwa maria, basi the whole neighborhood huwa inapagawa ikifikA. Hata mofos wengine jirani zangu walimu wa secondary school huwa wanawatch wakiwa a group of 3 and a fellow lady teacher.

Mimi ni Mûndû Milosi

Women and children love this program religiously. My wife follows it like her life depends on it!

People switch on their tv’s and then they are back to their smartphones.

Rushia mimi number ya huyu kama Christmas gift

Besides sports and music i really dont watch tv. Although i know a guy who hasnt watched tv tangu 80’s.

TV naonanga but movies and series only via USB drive.

News niliwacha 2018 when I realized how negative it was. You come home from a hard day only to get told of how you’ve been fucked by system.

You should see my dad watching news. Very serious. Kisha anateta for hours and hours about politicians. I just don’t wanna end up like that. I mean si tv ni yake atoe news tu pressure ishuke.

Ata mimi lakini wakileta hawa presenters nitawatch

This year alone, I can remember the number of times I sat down to watch TV. I haven’t spent more than 30 hours the whole of this year in front of the TV.

i always watch 9pm news

Weather forecast, just like geology is not an exact science so dont criticize too much. Good thing it is never wrong when when predicting extreme weather conditions

Those who watch that program are intellectually challenged. i watched one episode with a lady friend, pathetic acting and an even shittier story line