I stand by my Employee

A few months ago, one of our client by name Awendoh procured our services at a cost of 37,500, the client paid the cash through our pay bill…for one reason or the other, the request was cancelled and he was to be refunded 33,750.i personally authorized the refund and my Admin sent the cash via the same number which sent the money…he was called using provided mobile numbers, Safaricom line was mteja, but airtel went through, he was informed that the cssh had been deposited into his account, wacha jamaa azushe, he is claiming that NRM is no longer using Safaricom anf its products, my admin was at crossroads, she sent cash, the number is registered under the same name, but the gentleman claims that the number is no longer his… My admin called Safaricom, concerning the transaction and they cant transfer that cash until they inform the client.

The madness strarted the moment that dude went to Nairobi for his cash, threatening everyone and making noise, i was called by our CS guys and i could hear him shouting at the back… I requested to talk to him, i was determined to silence him off, i told him to go replace the line to retrieve his cash, or just forget about that money, my employees are not employed to serve a single potential client, they are there for thousands of actual clients…i then called head of security at our HQ and requested him to escort the dude out of the building …the security did as they had been instructed i just got a call from him informing me that he had as well given me the cash if it will make me rich…my juniors have never been that happy.

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Haiya maaajabu.
Msee asale pesa coz ya siasa

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Wazimu kabisa…

ujinga ni kipawa…

hehe noma sana

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Why am I not surprised?


37500 ni pocket change bwaana hakuna sida! baba asasema no safaricom but since wameweka our fellow as acting ceo we sal reconsider…



sawa mzito regional manager. a phone call tu and the motherfucker was frog marched out of the building.

Mundu wa Nyeri wimwega?