This chorus is on auto rewind in my mind:

Every other city we go
Every other video
(its all about you)
No matter where I go
I see the same hoe
Nate Dogg All About U[/SIZE]


i am a village elder…damn…akina @ol monk …si mgechagua jina ingine…elder…mukuru?..ebu niletee @Mundu Mulosi hapa ni mmmunye!!!

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jina kama gani @Supu don

kama supu the klist princess…or something more eye candy!!!..ama @Unicorn

Mods, you need to start killing threads like this. Why are guys creating threads to put up some bullshit facebook-esque status?
what the fuck is this:

How is this of any benefit to anyone? At least @Supu don has started the derailment of the thread but seriously guys. Either entertain guys or get some proper discussion going but lets not just deteriorate to this inane garbage.
Otherwise my next thread will be" I cant believe it." and nothing else


oooh hun…why should i? it is very entertaining, educative and informative…dont you agree!!..am eating a banana!!!

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mzee wa kijiji njoo tule marigu…


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mtoto akiwa kwa tumbo ya mamake anajuanga mamake akisusu?

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The title of the thread, I see the same hoe, then someone jumps in and starts jumping up and down ‘I have been made a village elder’??? Am I the only one reading too much into thid:(:(:frowning:



Hapa si klist wewe.

hahahahhaha…the hoe is in his head not in klist…yes you are reading too much into this…

@nairobilay from your rantings you seem not to appreciate that song by Nate Dogg, and i know why, coz it was way before you were even born. So take a chill pill and listen to Snoop Dogg’s rant at the end of the song and tell me if it will not put a smile of your ugly face.
Thinking about it, don’t that song reflect most of talkers here? In every thread i go, i see the same hoes!

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I prefer area code ya luda n Nate dog.

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Reminds me of the other one: Ring the alarm (or sth close to that).:smiley:

My rantings are because you are posting nonsense. There is a reason your post was derailed by the 2nd reply. So take a moment to think before posting your asinine thoughts.

West coast was the best side. hapo sawa @dabu


same theme here



With Tupac and Snoop Dogg (Lion).

A great song. Achana na hawa mahaters just post what makes you feel good as long as you are not breaking any rules.

Kuna hii ya WC featuring Nate & Snoop of Westsyde Connection. Used to blast it back in the day.


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The issue isnt the taste in music. The issue is creating a thread that is essentially just a status update.
The thread title should have been “Awesome Nate Dogg tracks” or something to that effect and we can talk about nate dogg. Dont just post some abstract thoughts.