I saw this, Someone dryfried this dude's girl



Woishe …




Sasa nani wekea sisi ile kawimbo ya Bitches aint loyal sasa so that all mafisi can sing along.:D:D

hahahahaha…that nigga has made my day…his narration is hilarious!:D:D:D

hii imenimaliza! hahaha

And you fell for it??o_O

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All dat you hear was Waa waa waaa waaa:D:D:D:D:D:DI’m dying here:D:D:D:D

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heehehehehehehe… huh

the funniest clip ave seen in along time.

where is the rest of the clip?

Hehe Wawawa…sounds like zile sound effects za kung fu videos za tene…:D:D:D sounds like the girl can take the punishment

hahahaaaa you aint taken my dick like that bitch

She called him “Baby” while the other dude’s long dick was still inside her…Think about that for a minute. Shaggy’s “It wasnt me” is no match for this.

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saw this awhile back,still funny as fuck:D:D:D

The hurt is real meeen…real I tell you.

Bad Acting.
This is Funny`s Cousin… Not Funny.