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Taboos regarding family relations/ home

If a man has sexual intercourse with an animal, that’s a great taboo. That animal is to be slaughtered and eaten by elderly men who are past the reproductive age to cleanse the man.

A man having sexual intercourse with the mother, his sister, step sister, aunt or a mother in-law is a taboo.

If aman sleeps with the father’s wife while the father is alive is attracting his father’s death

A man having sexual intercourse with another man is a great taboo that has no way of cleansing. The two men are
to fight until one of them dies.

A father having sexual intercourse with the daughter or his son’s wife is great taboo but has a way of cleansing through slaughter of a goat

An adult passes stool inside the
house or the doorstep is a great
taboo. A fat goat (ngoima) was to be slaughtered and eaten by old menwho are past the reproductive age.

If a man has sexual intercourse with a woman on her monthly periods, it is a taboo.

If a man falls down in his own
compound, it is a taboo. He has to be picked up with a he-goat.

If a hyena or a fox is heard making noises outside the home compound or the granary. Death has visited that household and there is no way to cleanse the taboo. Someone must die.

If a woman touches a man during her periods, it is a great taboo. They have to be taken to a witch doctor, who makes them vomit, then they get smeared with clay and washed in goats loose dung.

If a woman crosses over the husbands legs or body is a taboo. They should not have sexual relations again and the only solution is divorce.

If a goat drinks water from the basin that is used to bathe a child is a taboo. The goat is given to in-laws to be slaughtered and eaten.

If a fire stone injures a woman, it is a taboo. The stone has to be thrown away.

If the roof top (rutara) where fire
wood was kept fell down together with fire wood, that’s a taboo.

If a woman has sexual relations with the husband or any other person after the goats have gone for pasture (late in the morning), that’s a taboo.

If a woman carries the remains of her child that has passed on and had already been dedicated is a great taboo.

If a father carries his child on the
back, it is a taboo.

If a man carries the remains of a child that had not been dedicated, it is a taboo.

If a man touches a corpse of person unknown to him or who is a not a relative, it’s a taboo. But if it’s a relative there is no taboo. However his head has to be shaved to shave away death.

If a child swallows a milk teeth from the upper jaw, that’s a taboo. That child is considered a cabbage( stupid and worthless, in kikuyu—KIUGU).

It’s a taboo if a child is breastfed by any other woman except the mother.

If a man eats meat from an animal that does not chew card, that’s a taboo.

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nin hii? O.o

this is 19th Century ganaration X hawajui hii maneno

hii ni njia ya ku ensure communal survival

the woman could not cross the husbands legs or body because she was supposed to be first to bed and last out (a woman sleeps on the wall side just in case te man needs to jump out to fight enemies) while the man was last in and first out because he had to patrol compound to ensure property and family were safely locked up

the cannot carry baby on back- what would happen if a hyena suddenly attacks and he is the one to fight it?

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hiyo ya kina njamba huthu is hilarious, u allow a guy to screw you in the ass then you fight to death??? kitu gani hii?


Lucky me.

@Njamba Huthu do you feel bad carrying baggage from Atlantis (the lost land)?

there was this woman i had carried home on a sato night long ago and when i wanted a late morning glory she was reluctant on grounds that “ni uuru kuonia Ngai matina kiumia”(“It is wrong to expose your 'ttocks to God on a Sunday”). Reasons men have to deal with!



Hii sio taboo…otherwise pia blowjob ni taboo



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Ukikuyu na Ukristo zilichanganyana zikaleta custom zingine funny funny hazieleweki kama hizi. Same for a good number of communities in Kenya.

waaah! then am guilty of a few taboos up there

@uwesmake ma brother am 100001 straight point noted. EVERY ONE is entitled to his or her own opinion

Upus, kwani mwanaume haangukangi, sasa atalala hapo akingojea he-goat ikuje imwamshe!!:rolleyes:

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it is not that he be lifted by a he-goat, rather a Nthenge has to be slaughtered for him to take soup. of course men needed to create a good reason to justify decimating the family wealth…

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I think @gashwin=@mlosi, can’t understand y he can explain the taboos so well…this is one n same handle

na si umenoa ndugu. as you can see i can explain “muthuri oyagwo na thenge angiaguire nja”.

@Mwenyewe NOPE, @gashwin is smart in his own right