I refuse to mourn

On this day, and in the days to come, I refuse to mourn. How can I cry when our beloved father has gone to a better place? How can I grief when mzee has found eternal rest? Why should I be sad when dad gets promoted to glory. When you see me shed tears, i am washing my eyes so that I can read clearly from the book that the life of our dad defined.

Dad, when you were with us on earth, you did your part in bringing us up and providing for our needs. You sacrificed your comfort so that we may live a better life. You taught us love, kindness and humility. You taught us compassion, philanthropy and responsibility. You told us that choices have consequences.
You taught us that beyond the sky lies a better place, the place of God. You taught us to pray. You also taught us the way to heaven. You taught us that the way to heaven is through Christ. You led us in this way. You told us that the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding shall be with us always.

Then you became unwell, and we prayed to God to heal you. In our naivety, we expected you to rise up on your feet and walk. We looked forward to the day you would go back to the daily struggles of this world. Fortunately, God had better plans- plans to heal you forever. We never realized you were on the path to healing until that Tuesday evening when you breathed your last, and was healed forever. Beyond the skies, you flew to be with God. In an instant, you were healed from this world of illnesses, suffering, worries and problems.

Today, we thank God for the wonderful time he gave you unto us. We choose to celebrate the life of a great man, a father, leader and mentor. Knowing that you are watching over us gives us the courage to soldier on. We shall always cherish your words.

I refuse to mourn.

Pokea rambirambi zangu.

Pole mzee, be strong.

Pole for your loss

Huyo mzee alisumbua if I recall juu ya uzee. Hata nyinyi mtapumzika kiasi.

Pole sana. Strong kaka, it shall be well

Take courage

That’s the spirit.

Courage brother do not stumble…

Way to go bro, celebrate his life

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Celebrate a life well lived.


Poleni sana .Be strong and always remember God is with you even in this situation.

Be strong. Let him rest.

aviator, take heart. Be strong. Rest easy knowing that mzee is resting with the angels. May you find peace and strength to move on but always celebrate his life.

Be strong.

A toast to the old man.
And a prayer for you that have to get by without him.

You will mourn. Even this I Refuse To Mourn is a form of mourning.
You will mourn. And I pray you do. You can not go around for long carrying grief.
You will mourn. Its only human. But may his soul find peace under God’s wings.

@Thagichu My heart goes out to you and your family at this difficult time. May the old man rest in peace.

My dad also departed to heaven this year in May, we chose not to mourn him but to celebrate his life. On the day of his funeral, we decided to slaughter a bull and cut a cake in remembrance and celebration of a life well lived. Take heart my dear, he has gone home and as Apostle Paul told us, where he has gone is far much better than this place. Be strong in the Lord!