I Never Walk Alone: Liverpool yaua nyoka leo

LFC are seeking a first league double over Man Utd since 2013/14. They’ve done it 4 times in the EPL - more than any other side.
@wildfrank reo hatuko pamoja
@spear pole in advance
@Panyaste i know uko Liverpool for today

Tough call, looks like a draw for me…game ni 90mins.

Reo hata mimi hatugo pamoja.
Man Utd 1-0 Liverpool

Man u 1-1 Liverpool

Man useless 0 Liverpool 4 @mathice hata kama ulibadilisha handle.

ningekuita Meff… lakini niko church

Leo nko neutral mtu yangu @Meria Mata

Naona draw. Liverpool really struggled to score against Bayern.

Tushugulike na mechi ya Southampton msee…wachana na hawa mambleina

Let me try political correctness ([SIZE=1]yes i know it is for cowards![/SIZE]);

May the better team win.

Liverpool 3 Man useless 1

Liverpool 4 - United 2

I have never understood why people like watching a bunch of guys chasing a ball around in a field

Tuko nyuma ya Man city later in the day. Kieleweke

i don’t know why you came to say this here. ungeendelea kunyua uji yako tu bila kusumbuuka.

Kwenda huko…

Of course we are Not Walking Alone all over Manyuuselessi

Everyone has their likes and dislikes. It’s called the variety of life

United 1 - 3 Liverpool

You should know that Man Utd is at home.
It should then be Man Utd Vs Liverpool.

Going for Man Utd win

The last two attempts that Liverpool have finished second on the log, they had a double over United, 2008/2009 (2-1, 1-4) and 2013/2014(1-0, 0-3).