I never thought I'd ever say this but...

That pathological liar had to be put in his place with the contempt he deserves. He thought he was dealing with Githeri media who worship the ground he walks on and stomach all the bs he spews. Not only did you cut off the interview midway but you pulled the clip from your media coz of his divisive, falsified and baseless remarks that could put your already dented image in further disrepute.

CNN was exposed during the American election as guns for hire so…we don’t give a shit just to be honest!

I know a pathological liar or two who have been on See En En… Whose diatribe was cut short?

I can bet you…that same media house will also interview him as the PORK later in life.

Even as bad as CNN can be … Raila’s lies and political mediocrity is just beyond any humane reason . You need to drop to cult following level to really appreciate his recent ways .

mambo Mr brilliant mind

If there is any interview that was pulled, it is Jakuon’s and if you doubt it, bandika link hapa instead of trying to pull wool over others eyes.
[SIZE=5]Ruto disputes low Kenya voter turnout figures[/SIZE]

Dick measuring contest

Seems the opposition followers live in an alternate universe. Some things they claim are out of this world.