I need help

I’m a third year pale Uni and I’m in a financial fix .Nafaa kusit for my end of semester exams and I have a fee problem and I’m seeking help kwa msee yeyote who is willing to help at whatever cost.

Wangoje wanakuJa. Meanwhile Angalia game za China

HELB iko. Instant kama mkopo ya Branch

Hizi instant loan hawapeani the amount needed at the moment.

I would be willing to lend you an ear if you used your real handle…at least then I would know it’s not a scam.

Enda nyumbani ujipange na Specials tu hapa hautasaidika.

It’s not a scam ,for real I really need help and we can exchange contacts for your to confirm.

Even me im willing to help unless or until the statement is genuine…coz even me nilipitia the same problem but nilisaidiwa by well wishers…#7sesom#

I think the first step is exposing yourself. If you’re this desperate it should not be a problem. Your name, ID no… the works. Also share your institution, university reg no and fees statement. Do this right here on this thread.

It’s genuine and I will expose my self ,please inbox.