Gurus in health and fitness I want abs as soon as possible. This is because I dance on the sidelines and you need to be fit to do a new choreography that I am trying out. I specifically want abs on top of being fit(I want my arms to remain the same though). Keep in my mind I’m 6’1 and lean.

Which regimen would you recommend?

Uyo ndo nani?

Fungilia dozen ya bans kwa kitambi

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link: http://www.google.com/search?q=abs+funny&btnG=&tbm=isch

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Solutions people!!

Uliza @kijanamrefu how he got his.

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@kijanamrefu nimeambiwa nikuulize

You don’t get cubes ASAP …you start with small weights to bigger ones, sweat a lot n eat right…and it will take you months
ama aje @junkie

What do you weigh? Are you lean all over ama kuna kakitambi?

rollers, am no expert

I weigh about 90kgs mtu mkonda lakini sijui weight nlitoa wapi

I have been running and all now I am at the weight I wanted sasa ni extra muscles kidogo tu nataka

I heard it is not good for your back

was planning to start, sipendi hii small one pack. where are the experts? last time i did it was very effective

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Kama ni abs pekee unataka, itabidi ufanye vitu kama crunches, leg lifts, weighted sit ups na kadhalika.

Alafu ukule. Nyama mob ama kuku ama samaki. At least 3/4 kuku per day.

Poa thanks

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u need to do a lot to get from where u currently r (pictured below) to where u wanna go


Trying to impress college chics I see.