i need advice on going to the gym please

hi fellas, long time…
i want to start going to the gym in order to keep fit and add some muscle weight…
am 6 feet tall and 92kg at the moment, i am looking forward to lift some weight and maybe puff up my arms and chest…
my question is, will i need to take some form of diet artificial supplements in order to attain the muscle gain, ama naeza enda kama nakula hi diet yangu ya 3-4 meals in a day?
what can you advice me guys ?

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achana na supplements. Cut down your carb intake kabisa i.e keep away from ugali, rice, sugars(soda, juo, sweetened shit), beer. Increase protein intake since hizo ndio hujenga misuli, mostly plant proteins. Halafu meals can be like 6 in a day. One day kwa weekend can be cheat day where you eat those shit lakini si sana

Moderate cardio, lift heavy, ditch carbs.

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If you do all the things advised above at once, itakuwa ngumu kutrack which changes lead to which results. And even harder because the change in lifestyle is very drastic.

Inua chuma kwanza na hiyo diet yako ilivyo, uone ile effect itakuwa kwa mwili that just the gym has. Keep the carbs till you start seeing the desired changes in your body then drop them gradually to cut off the excess and gain a good low maintenance physique.

This will allow you to live the best of both worlds : keep physically fit while also not limiting what you eat too much. It will also show you when bad eating habits are catching up because changes are immediately visible as a reminder.

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Hit the weights, eat a light balanced meal before training and a nice protein filled meal after training.
Expect noticeable changes after three months and more after 6months.
Keep and make this work out your routine, there are no shortcuts.
You need to work out atleast 4 times a weeks.
Go on youtube and see the correct ways to light and push the weights, with the correct movements. Otherwise you’ll be wasting your time at the gym and you could also injure yourself.

Eat diets rich in proteins, fruits and drink a lot of water. Four large meals per day. Avoid tea, soda and beer. Drink fruit juice instead.
Have a regular but simple workout program. Increase your intensity per activity daily. Especially lifting weights. Keep off excessive sex also.

thank you gentlemen

Welcome brother.

You cannot work out without changing your diet too. Excess carbs which your body does not need for energy are always converted into fat to be burned during starvation. so diet change ni lazima when starting out or hakuna kazi utafanya

Please reread my reply. I address your concern.
He will need the excess energy when he starts working out.

Kama uko msa nitafte twende gym wote… I’ll guide you… I helped a friend lose 10kgs in 2 weeks akakonda hadi akaogopa kurudi gym … NB I’m not a gym instructor but I like helping out with friends…we will just work out together… sometimes huhitaji hizo chuma… you can use your own body to shape it

hajasema anataka kukonda

manze nataka ni puff up … yani nivimbe kifua na mikono kiasi