I need a gal friend

Hi KTs in the house… I have a problem,I’m not very outgoing and it’s difficult to get laid…can I meet a nice young woman of any background or age and body to help me out and we move on from there…
This is a sincere plea. Pls help me out. Thanks.

Hapa all you will need is 3K,kuna mtu anakuwanga available

Be Specific …
Is She playing Hard-to-Get …or …you don’t know HOW to ask for it …???

If you not outgoing, then you an introvert…Dating as an introvert is not easy. Find people in your area with similar interests. Do you like playing video games? There are plenty of video game shops in the CBD. You will find your match there. Also, change your conversation behavior. Speak loud and clear so girls don’t have to struggle to understand you. It also demonstrates your confidence to them…something like that

peleka radio maisha connect hixo shida zako…

Hehehe …
Mtafutie Kadogo , Kazuri kama huyu …


If you can accept to lower your expectations/standards, I can give you solid advice that will enable you get laid as early as today.

bruh ain that cp

@Female Perspective kuna kazi hapa…na usisahau kuniachia ya kuwa broker

Just send dick pics to any chic that you fancy. Bitches love dick pics.

Haba… I need a gal friend not instant sex… Am I buying her for 3k ama?

You problem is getting laid, right? After getting laid what next? :eek:

Are you fully prepared for sex addiction?:cool:

My friend, you are likely not to find what you are looking for until you stop searching for it!o_O

Truthfully when I had a gal I never knew how to ask for it…she tortured me alot with it and wanted me to beg everytime…its part of why I walked away.

Thanks… But not helpful… Even introverts have people who understand them… I just haven’t found the one.

to add on Nairobi lay’s comment. Try and make sure you send dick picks from different angles both on whatsapp and FB inboxes first thing in the morning before she wakes up. She will know you were thinking about her. Bitches love that feeling. At night instead of a goodnight message just text her a pic of you licking your lips. That is being macho she can’t resist that

Sex addiction… Hmmm…let see a woman I love first. I think others will follow naturally

That’s not a gentleman’s way Bro…a nice woman may not appreciate that

My standards are not high Bro…a woman is a woman…i just need a gal who understands

It seems you are a nice gentleman then

I’m. Not perfect Bro…but i know a guy who did that a got the beating of his life from the woman’s husband…this is Nairobi you never know which woman is married… Because they Dnt ever wear rings…andnif they do it doesn’t look real…till all hell breaks loose:D:D:D:D