I miss those days.

http://w I came across these. Memories memories memories
I bet @uwesmake would not get 100% if a test came from the book above. Forget about the one below.

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Nimepata punishments mingi juu ya hizi vitabu:D:D
ION Dushinsky alienda wapi?

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hahaha he or she is still crying after I over-exposed his/her homosexuality in Klost.
Now I’m exposing @uwesmake’s illiteracy.
I am going to enjoy this one

@Owuadn kusema ukweli you did not use these books. Unless wewe ni under kitu 22/23.


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[ATTACH=full]5187[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]5188[/ATTACH] Nostalgia galore


Pole ndauwo.@uwesmake wacha hii tabia. Mbona kumharibia ndauwo starehe? [ATTACH=full]5189[/ATTACH]


Wewe ni muguruku :confused::confused:

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Old golden days…calculator ilikuwa ya headmaster pekee…kufanyia hesabu ya school fees balance

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I don’t think @uwesmake can read these and understand. The good thing is it has pictures so he can pretend to understand

He is angry that his hero’s reputation is being destroyed. I will deal with him later. Right now I’m on to the semi illiterate.

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Reminds me of my mathematics teacher mrs Kairu



huyo ni mtaro za ngara ngite!

Hehe you can tell what the illiterates think of.

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they are still in the market

I have collected all the asterix over the last 2yrs…35books…wondering whether i should get the omnibuses as well.

please please please how can i get the same…